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The Island of Eriskay has some of the most beautiful and evocative scenery in the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles, of Scotland. 

Cuan Siar is a large, modern & comfortable self catering house, with accommodation for up to ten people, providing an ideal base from which to immerse yourself in Eriskay's special charm and atmosphere; it's a truly idyllic location, complemented by the equally fascinating neighbouring islands of South Uist and Barra.  We hope this brief preview will inspire you to come and holiday on Eriskay, this romantic & unforgettable jewel gst the "Islands on the Edge of the World".  Within these pages you will find selections of links to other sites, which we hope you will find useful and informative in learning something about Eriskay and the Hebrides' unique character. We are grateful to the adminstrators of these sites, which add up to a great deal of information on numerous aspects of Island life. Thank you for taking a few moments to look at these pages, and if you'd like to contact us, we'll be delighted to hear from you.

Beside Cuan Siar is Eriskay's celebrated beach of Prince Charlie's Bay, so called as it was the site of the exiled Jacobite's first footfall on Scottish soil. This preceded his ill-fated attempt to regain the Scottish and British thrones, culminating with the Battle of Culloden in 1745. The Prince's later exploits, hiding out from redcoat soldiers in the hills of South Uist are well documented, as is the heroism of Flora Macdonald who smuggled him to "over the sea to Skye" and ultimately to the safety of France by disguising him as her maid. There was a bounty of 30,000 pounds on the Young Pretender's head, a colossal sum 250 years ago, but no reports or information were proferred to the Hanoverian officers, such was the Highland code of honour at that time.  A later noted event in Eriskay's history was the grounding of the SS Politician during WW2, with a cargo which included among other things, 24,000 cases of whisky. The ensuing unofficial salvage operation by the Eriskay men in their small boats and the imaginative dodges emplyed to evade the droves of customs officers despatched from the mainland inspired a hilarious comedy film, "Whisky Galore".

Eriskay is an absolute Paradise for kids; it's healthy and safe with it's pristine beaches and the clear clean Atlantic, home to the seals which frequent the rocks, Ben Scrien & Ben Stac to climb, the wide open freedom, and long, long days in Summer. 

Eriskay's landscapes and seascapes are spectacular -they never seem to look the same for long, constantly changing and endlessly fascinating. The Atlantic sunsets at this latitude are something to behold and in the darker times of year, the most amazing clarity of starlight has to be seen to be believed. The aspects and diversity of Eriskay's scenery, with this special quality light and its unending variation make the islands a photographers dream. Watercolour, oil and sketch artists are equally taken with the scope and variety of subjects, so don't forget your easels and palettes if you're gifted with brush or pencil. Gentle hills, brooding mountains, green pastures alive with wild flowers, great profusions on birdlife, hundreds of lochs with their wild brown trout - all this along with the tangible atmosphere which many have tried to define, but few have managed to explain. Treat yourself to a lifetime experience, and come visit this magical archipelago. No one comes here just once, but everyone has to have a first time.

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